Hard Drive Repair For Time & Attendance

You should always backup your important data on DVDs, or on any other portable storage devices such as flash drives, portable hard drives and mobiles. This saves you time and frustration if any problems occur in your Time and Attendance Systems hard disk drive (HDD). Thanks to modern technology, the current generation of HDDs are much more stable compared to those available a decade or so ago. Modern drives are smaller and can store much more data per square unit. However, they are not foolproof, and can crash without warning. All devices, whether electronic, mechanical, or electromechanical, have a mean time between failures (MTBF). However, this factor applies when one uses the device under conditions specified by its manufacturer. This is true for sas drives (serial attached scsi drives) as well. Even the flash drives on mobile phones can become corrupted or get damaged, rendering them useless. To stop data getting lost in the case of the drive failing, there are many different pieces of mobile software, which can be used to back up your data to the cloud or a physical disk drive. This data can be re-installed on to a new phone. It is necessary to understand the functioning of the HDD to realize the factors that can damage it. In the event of any data loos on your hdd or mobile, be sure to contact to company that specialises in cell phone data recovery software to recover your previously lost data.

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Why did your drive crash?

A HDD consists of a number of circular metal platters, stored one above the other on a spindle. These platters, coated with magnetic material, are used to store and retrieve data with the help of an actuator arm, containing a magnetic head, which floats approximately three nanometres above the platter. During the writing phase, the actuator arm converts electronic data sent from the computer into magnetic fields and stores them on the platter. The procedure is reversed when data is retrieved from the HDD. If a power blackout occurs during the reading or writing phase, the head of the actuator crashes on the surface of the platter, leading to the formation of scratches on it. Considering the amount of data packed per square unit, such a crash can lead to the destruction of a huge amount of data. It can also damage the surface of the platter, leading to bad sectors, which reduce the storage capacity of the HDD as well as increases the access time required to write and read data.

Never try to open the HDD

All hard disk drives are vacuum sealed after manufacture. While it is possible to open them, it is next to impossible to repair them without the help of costly and sophisticated equipment. Even if a small speck of dust falls on the surface of the platter, it can create problems for the actuator head while it is writing or reading data. Considering the microscopic gap between the actuator's head and the platter, the speck of dust can even damage the head of the actuator, damaging it permanently. Most HDDs ship with a warranty that provides them with coverage for three years. If the drive malfunctions within that period, the user should return it to the store it was purchased from or even return it to the manufacturer. However, one should exercise caution and use the storage device as specified in its user manual. One should also register their HDD, after purchasing it, by inputting its serial number on the manufacturer's website. They can also find toll free numbers of the manufacturer's service centers over there. A word of caution do not tamper the seal on the HDD or try to get it repaired by an unauthorised company, as this will void its warranty.